Corporate Prepaid Cards

A holistic approach to cashless

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 Loyalty Rewards
 Referral Program
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Rewards and Incentives

Employee Incentive and Rewards
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Reimbursement & Disbursement

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YouFirst understands the current scenario; hence offers a comprehensive payment solution for our Corporate to manage impactful disbursements covering sales incentive, spot reward, loyalty and appreciation. Prepaid Gift Cards are considered to be the most preferred payment option for sales & incentive payments by the recipients. It reduces cost, enhances operational efficiencies and provides an unmatched user-friendly experience. Also, there is an urgent need for carving behavioural change, for a switch from hysical cash to digital modes of payment. Our offering of network branded MasterCard, Visa or RuPay gift card is the perfect gifting option for corporate payments. It can be used at more than million plus merchant establishments accepting MasterCard/Visa/RuPay across the country, including in-store purchases as well as online shopping portals.
Prepaid solution is becoming more common mainly for those without bank accounts such as the young, migrant and temporary workers or for companies where attrition rates are fairly high. Our Prepaid solution addresses the gaps with quick turnarounds in employee on-boarding and offers efficient and economical alternate for HR managers. Our Prepaid cards offer employees a convenient way to pay for business expenses whilst travelling or for reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees for official purposes without going through any credit or background checks and financial assessments as in the case of Corporate Credit Cards. We provide a complete solution which includes card management, secure transactions, delivering turnkey payments to the clients and dedicated customer support.

Gift Card

  • 2 variants, corporate and retail
  • Option of instant virtual/ecard
  • 1 Year validity
  • Acceptable for online and merchant payments
  • Secured and convenient
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • Maximum load of INR 50,000/-
  • ATM withdrawal not allowed
  • Low KYC required* (Name & Email)

Rewards Card

  • 4 Years validity
  • Acceptable for online and merchant payments
  • Secured and convenient
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • Maximum load of INR 1,00,000/-
  • ATM withdrawal not allowed
  • KYC required

How it Works


Corporate rewards its
employees or partners


Access through web or
mobile app


Select & Buy e-gift vouchers
from a range of options


Redeem at respective
stores by entering e-gift
voucher code & OTP